BLOOMFIELD, CT—mk North America Inc. has introduced an online tool, the Conveyor Product Finder, that makes it easy for engineers to find, specify and purchase conveyors for their applications.

After entering their application requirements, engineers can then view a side-by-side comparison of mk conveyors that fit their specific criteria.

“[Because we offer] a vast selection of conveyor products…it can be difficult at times for users to pinpoint the correct mk product for their conveying applications” says Scott Blais Jr., sales and business development manager for North America. 

“We feel that our new conveyor selector tool goes a long way in assisting our customers’ unique and individual needs. By simply inputting a few basic conveyor specs; the customer is shown the best mk conveyors for their specific application. I am confident that this new tool will help to make the mk user experience more seamless while offering a faster, and more independent, assistance for our customers.”

Conveyor parameters width and length, configuration type, total conveyed load and operating speed. Engineers can enter as many or as few parameters as they wish. As they enter the values, the conveyor products that fit their needs are reflected directly on the screen, changing with each changed value. Engineers can then select up to four products to view in a side-by-side comparison. At any time, engineers can reset the product filters and start their search over again. 

To try the Conveyor Product Finder, clickhere.