ELGIN, IL--Haumiller Engineering Co. and Cincinnati Test Systems Inc. (Cleves, OH) have developed a machine that can assemble and leak-test more than 500 parts per minute.

Traditional automated assembly equipment uses one or more stationary testing stations for leak testing. The tooling stops, along with the output of assemblies from the machine, for the duration of the test cycle. Up to 30 percent of manufacturing time is lost during the index motion, when no assembly or test operation is performed.

Haumiller has developed a machine that places a series of test stations on a continuously rotating dial. As the dial rotates, the tooling is moved mechanically to produce a seal against the parts for the duration of the test. The tooling retracts, failed components are rejected, and good assemblies are transferred into an adjacent dial for the next assembly or test operation.

With more than one station testing simultaneously, finished product never stops, regardless of the test time required. Outputs exceeding 500 parts per minute can be achieved even with pressure-decay tests lasting more than 5 seconds.

For more information on high-speed assembly systems, call Haumiller Engineering at 847-695-9111. For more information on leak testing, call Cincinnati Test Systems at 513-367-6999.