Hernon Manufacturing has developed an adhesive-based process for putting a logo or other identifying mark on bullets.

The process could be used for purely aesthetic purposes or to differentiate training rounds from live rounds. Unlike a paint or coating, the adhesive will not flake off and will not affect the bullet’s ballistic performance.

The process can be done in one or two stages.

In the two-stage process, a logo or other identifying marker is inserted into a well or hole in the projectile’s tip. The marker can be easily produced using commercial-grade paper, ink and printing processes.

Once the marker has been inserted, a clear, UV-curing adhesive is injected into the well to seal the marker in place. After dispensing, the cartridge is passed under a high-intensity UV light for curing.

In the single-stage process, a separate marker is not used. Instead, a colored UV-curing adhesive is injected into the well. The adhesive can be dyed almost any color.

Doming of the projectile tip is easily achieved during dispensing. However, if a pointed tip is desired, the sealant can be applied through a mold.

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