KARIYA, Japan—Engineers at Denso Corp. are studying how 5G technology can be used safely and securely in autonomous vehicle applications. They are working with KDDI Corp., a Japanese telecommunications company, on the project.

The two companies are building a test track at Denso’s global R&D center in Haneda. Engineers will verify driver assistance technologies using high-definition in-vehicle cameras and roadside sensors that detect conditions such as oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.

They will leverage low latency connections, which are achieved through edge computing technology for 5G, including AWS Wavelength. The goal is to build a system for distributing ever-changing road conditions to autonomous vehicles in real time and to verify the remote driver assistance technology.

Denso and KDDI plan to conduct verification using end-to-end network slicing. This advanced technology provides unique communication environment preferences, depending on the application and requirements, by virtually partitioning a network.