JOT Automation Inc. has overhauled a production line to assemble and test battery packs for electric vehicles and renewable energy projects. The task was a multifaceted process, since the testing and assembly process contained many processes and required a high level of accuracy.

The customer had the following requirements:

  • completely automate assembly and testing.
  • ensure high throughput and profitability with a fast cycle time.
  • ensure high-quality production with traceability.

The packs consist of numerous individual battery cells. The production line incorporated several steps: incoming material handling; recycling and sorting of packaging materials; electrical testing of prismatic battery cells; laser welding and marking; screwdriving and assembly; and final testing of the finished packs.

JOT was tasked with automating many of steps that were being done manually. The existing line was cumbersome, unprofitable and not ergonomic. The process required repetitive motions and heavy lifting, and battery testing required greater accuracy and consistency than could be accomplished manually. And, because the existing line was largely manual, it took up a lot of floor space.

JOT provided a turnkey automated line that tackles even those tasks that fall outside standard automation equipment. The system even automates the process of unloading boxes of battery cells from a shipping pallet at the start of the line, scanning them for traceability, removing the cells from the box, and recycling the cardboard.

The line, which was delivered within 12 months of ordering, is built on modular, flexible and scalable platforms. This enables the manufacturer to customize production based on current and future needs.

The line initially improved throughput by six times compared with the previous line. Today, the line is 12 times more productive. Overall safety has also improved. Temperature and gas sensors can detect anomalies and hazards that would be undetectable with human senses, and automated fire extinguishing systems are set up to respond to danger immediately.

To see a video of the line, click here. For more information on automated assembly and test equipment, click or visit the company’s booth at The ASSEMBLY Show. JOT Automation is one of many automation providers and systems integrators that will be exhibiting at the show, which will take place Oct. 24-26 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Besides suppliers of assembly and test systems, you’ll find 225 suppliers of robots, motion control technology, parts feeders, fastening tools, software and other assembly technologies. For more information, visit