REDDITCH, England—Engineers at Samuel Taylor Ltd. (STL) here have developed a new aluminium-to-copper bonding process that is ideal for electric vehicle battery applications, such as bus bars. 

“[Our] bonding technique overcomes the challenge of aluminium’s high reactivity to oxygen, making it very difficult to bond,” says Alastair Gordon, managing director of STL. “Achieving this has enabled [us] to create a proprietary cold-cladding process that [we] can now use to produce aluminium-copper bimetal strip.

“[It is well] suited to many different applications, offering significant future potential for further EV [applications] beyond connectors,” claims Gordon. “We have a proven record in innovation, [such as] our recent work to develop a new production process to enable the production of over 70,000 bus bars for the battery packs of the world’s first fully electric British hypercar….”